The FS2T Programme, also know as From Surviving to Thriving, was established by The HOPE Atrium in 2012 to engage, educate and empower Black communities to improve their mental health and well-being. The programme provides a solution to the high levels of mental illness in Black populations within the UK.

The FS2T programme achieves this aim by running the FS2T Wellbeing Champions Programme and delivering community awareness workshops.

Holistic change

We work with Black people in the UK to grow more resilient individuals and, in turn, stronger communities. We also work with mental health practitioners and decision-makers in public sector bodies, who are often White, to achieve change in mental health services and institutions.

Community centred

FS2T was set up for the Black community, by the community. We strongly believe that many of the unique insights needed for designing appropriate solutions to the Black community’s problems must come from the community itself. Therefore we work closely with community partners to achieve our vision.

Solution orientated

FS2T provides a positive solution to some of the problems we often hear about in the Black community.

Preventative and early-intervention approach

Severe mental illness can be extremely costly emotionally and financially, not only for the individuals experiencing illness, but also for their families and for our society as a whole. We therefore work to equip people with the knowledge and skills required for working well with stress, creating wellness and seeking help early rather than waiting until crisis point.