Our vision

Our vision

We envisage a future in which health inequalities and disparities have closed and Black people living in Britain experience their communities to be Thriving.

This means they are:

Taking life by the horns and making more conscious actions towards realising their potential to be successful, influential and satisfied members of society.

Resilient and embody and “overcomer’s” mentality, meaning they will know how to pick themselves up during difficult situations and get back on a path towards success.

Emotionally competent: People of all ages are well able to manage strong emotions and also, manage conflicts well.

Physically and mentally strong, and are will experiencing a good quality of life.

A part of healthy, well-connected, supportive and well-functioning relationships and communities.

Feeling as if they are an accepted part of the wider society.

Achieving highly in education.  They are developing and utilising their unique perspectives and skills in all aspects of society. They are socially mobile.

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