About us

Why is FS2T necessary?

A considerable number of studies including the Count me in census 2005 – 2010 indicate that people from these backgrounds are more than three times over-represented in psychiatric institutions.
Despite specific actions by the health agencies to interrupt this pattern, research indicates that the high levels of over­ representation still persist.
The cross-governmental paper “No health Without Mental Health” estimates that the cost of mental ill-health (including loss of productivity) to be close to £105 billion – around £30 billion of this is work related.
Mental health problems also increase the costs of the education and criminal justice systems and homelessness services. Despite these very high financial costs it is said that the “majority of the financial burden of mental illness falls on patients and their families.” The impact on quality of life is estimated as costing £53.6bn. (Guardian.co.uk, 2010)


Our aims

This venture aims to increase mental wellbeing in BME and other disadvantaged groups.
It offers an attainable and affordable solution towards the problem of their over-representation in acute mental health services. It is designed to: 
Raise Awareness

Raise awareness of the prevalence and cost of mental ill-health and of the potential for self-help.  


Equip African Caribbean and African people with strategies and tools for raising and maintaining mental well-being.


Educate them to recognise early signs of mental ill-health and to encourage them to seek help early.

Our Community Partners