The FS2T Wellbeing Champions Programme trains ordinary people to become leaders of change on mental health and wellbeing within their social networks and localities. Over the course of 18 months, participants of the FS2T Wellbeing Champions Programme learn to:

  • Strengthen their mental health capacity & increase their wellbeing
  • Enhance their resilience
  • Talk about mental health
  • Recognise diminishing mental health & support people to seek help early
  • Promote knowledge of the importance of positive mental wellbeing

Core values


This involves a commitment to self-awareness and to knowing and living your values. We must be honest, firstly with ourselves, and then in speaking our truths to others.


“I am because you are, you are because we are.” Every person, voice, mind matters.

Strong community

We must be our ‘brother’s/sister’s keeper,’ with an understanding of the value of the contributions of each group member.



Difference is an asset. It is welcomed, valued and nurtured.


Every person has a responsibility towards their own self-care. We must be well enough to be able to care for others. This must include taking active steps to look after your own mental health


Maintaining optimism and hope of realising a better future than the reality we currently see, and taking responsibility for taking actions towards creating that future.  

Catalysts for change

The FS2T Wellbeing Champions Programme aims to stimulate change in you, empowering you to spark the change you want to see within your community. “When you change yourself, you change the world.”

Each one, teach one

Everyone should be ‘teachable’ and willing to learn. 

Benefits of joining the programme

  • Have full access to a free place on the FS2T Champions Programme (worth £5,500 pp)
  • Increase knowledge about the Black community
  • Gain marketable skills to aid your personal and career development – new knowledge, skills and qualities
  • Access the existing community of FS2T Wellbeing Champions
  • Employment references upon request
  • Certification & accreditation
  • Graduation and thanksgiving event at the end of the programme

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